What Does Plumbing Involve – Water Supply and Disposal System

Most people who live in their home or when they move into their house are not fully aware of how all of the plumbing pipes and fixtures work and sometimes trying to understand how the home’s plumbing system operates can be cumbersome to wrap one’s brain around.  So what does plumbing involve?  What does one do to connect the plumbing dots, if you will, so it all comes together in a coherent picture?

First of all, start with the understanding the your plumbing systems and fixtures within your home are largely about providing you and your family a reliable water supply and disposal system.  A plumbing system consists of pipes, valves, tanks, fixtures, appliances, which all work in conjunction to provide treated water or disposal of water, sewage, and gas.

Think in terms of three separate components which include:

  • Your Water Supply
  • Waste Water and Sewage
  • Gas Supply system

Each of these components of your overall plumbing system have unique issues and consist of individual properties, with varying degrees of complexity.

Now your water supply is all about bringing fresh water into your home, moving that water at pressure to various places within your home.  Some folks have fresh, treated water coming from their city municipality, while others may have their own water well.

Waste water and sewage is a system in which water that has been previously used, is moved out of your home and transported by pipe to your city sewage system or your own private septic sewage tank.  Part of the overall plumbing system, when operating properly, acts to remove sewer odors, gases, and fumes and venting them through your roof.

Finally, the gas supply system works with your plumbing system in such a way that propane or natural gas comes in from your public utility, into your home, providing a source of energy to operate your water heater and of course other natural gas operated appliances.

Much of all of what I have described takes place in the shadow world located within your walls, beneath your floor, and up in your attic.  To understand fully how it all comes together and works efficiently as an overall system takes some time and expertise and those who are specialists enter the trade of plumbing or related engineering fields.  While some problems that may be encountered can have easier plumbing fixes, several problems require proper plumbing trouble shooting as the cause and effect relationships among these components of the overall system can be rather complex.

Hence, in using this website as a plumbing trouble shooting guide, focus on those related questions and answers or how to plumbing articles found herein that best describe you individual situation.

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