Toilet Backing Up Into Shower

Question: Hi, I live in NYC and i just got a new apt “as is”. I’m not sure what is going on with the plumbing for the toilet and shower, but it seems like there might be 2 issues and I wanted to know if you can give me some advice on what it may be and if a plumber has to be called of if can do it myself. Basically, when ever we use the toilet then the bathtub starts filling up with water from the drain! And it looks like the water that comes up is cloudy and white. Now there is lots of white powder sitting in the tub, along with dirt etc. But then the water eventually goes down, slowly. And of course, when we run the shower the water takes forever to go down the drain. We are not sure when the last time our apt was lived in, but i have just never seen this so i have no idea what the issue is! Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: This one is tough. There could be a number of things causing this. It is possible that you drain is clogged or the air vent is being blocked. If you think that this is the problem you can run a sewer rat down the drain and hopefully this will cure the problem. Of course, it could be that you have what looks to be the signs of a sewage backup. If this is the case you are going to have to call a plumber.  You definitely have a stinker of a problem here with potential sewer water backing up into your shower.  This must be disconcerting at the least.  The drain is very likely the culprit and getting a plumber’s snake to the bathroom drain and an experienced plumber on site are certainly my recommendations.  Given the lack of a sanitized area to conduct your business so to speak, this is not a problem that should be delayed, hence an experienced master plumber who has knowledge in getting such backed up drains working again in a hurry is well worth the coin.

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  1. Jim@leicesterPlumber
    June 27, 2012 | 9:26 am

    Yes, I agree with the answer that sort of issue with the bath tub filling up with water I have and blockages are a hassle, you will need a plumber.

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