Plumbing Tips, Tricks and Secrets

We all want to know the good stuff.  What is it that plumbers know and allows them to come in and diagnose and fix the plumbing issue with ease, where we struggle with what seems so ordinary to those of the plumbing trade.  Well, no doubt, the plumber has a big advantage over most of us as they have come across many different plumbing household problems and have already accumulated solutions they can apply.  Also, since many of our plumbing problems are frequently found, these individuals have applied their trade a multitude of times.  So as things work out, these saviors of our plumbing snafus have accumulated a diverse set of plumbing tips, tricks and no doubt a few secrets they may not want to let in on.

Here are some plumbing improvement related ideas that you should file away or put right to use as it may apply in your situation.

1.  Most of us have spray hose at our kitchen sink and you probably notice that sometimes when you pull on the sprayer hose, it just does not always cooperate.  This is likely due to the fact that it is caught up on something like your shut off valves.  The solution is to put some pipe insulation on the hose that runs under your sink.  You know…in cabinet area below your sink.  Just put that insulation on the sprayer hose and you will discover that things are moving nicely when you pull on your spray hose so it can reach over to to the other side of the sink area for cleaning duty.

2.  Do you ever notice that your kitchen sink, stainless steel basins can get a bit noisy when you are rustling with your dinner ware and utensils as you attempt to clean off or wash off your dishes.  Well, we have a way to ensure those stainless steel basins do not operate as drums in the rock band.  Get you some expanding foam and get up underneath the cabinet and start spraying the bottom of the basins.  Give the basins a robust layer and be sure to spray the foam in the void area between the basins.  This will go a long way in knocking out a lot of the noise.

3.  Sometimes you will need to crawl up underneath a sink cabinet and remove the P-trap in order to break up a clog or just do general cleaning.  In order to loosen up some of the blockage, it is advisable you get your trusty old plunger, fill the sink with some water and plunge out the sink.  If you have a double sink, be sure to stop off that side of the sink with another plunger in order to contain the air pressure.  Chances are you will loosen up the muck and debris and make your job a bit easier.

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