Kitchen Faucet Stopped Working


All of a sudden my faucet stopped working in my kitchen. All other faucets are fine and the water has not been turned off underneath the sink. What is wrong?


It sounds like something is blocking the faucet. Try removing the aerator from the faucet and turn the water on. If water comes out your aerator is blocked/needs replacing. If water does not come out, you need to shut off the water under the sink, disconnect the cold water line from the faucet, point the end of the line into a bucket and slowly turn on the water…if water shoots out you will need to remove the cartridge from the faucet and clean it out or replace it.

So essentially there are two main causes.  The source of the problem is either with the aeerator and if you confirm that is the case you should not have any difficult obtaining a replacement.  Just remove the one you are currently using and take it with you to find an identical or very similar aerator and then return with your new product and re-attach.  If the problem lies with the cartridge, that is a bit more expensive repair and it will also take a longer time to remove the existing one.  If you do not feel comfortable performing this repair yourself, contact a qualified plumber who will come in and replace the cartridge themselves.  While you have the plumber on site at your home, have him fix any other small plumbing jobs you might require assistance with.  If you do a walking tour of all of your home’s appliances and inspect for dripping faucets, applicance handles, slow draining bowls, etc, you will likely find some things that need attention for which either you do not have time for or do not have the appropriate skills to fix or repair.

There is one other thing you should consider.  Sometimes the valve in the water shut off below you sink can get frozen stuck if it is in the closed position preventing water from moving through your lines.  So check to see if the valve gate is shut closed.  This can be discerned more by feel, than by visual inspection.  If the valve handle moves to easily that is usually a sign that the valve is not working properly.

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