Main Water Pipes Vibrating With Noise


When you flush any of my two upstairs toilets, the mains water pipe that leads to the tanks in my loft vibrates in my airing cupboard and their is an incredible vibrating loud noise. If you flush my down stairs toilet, it doesn’t happen. Any ideas what is causing it?


Air Hammer or water ramming. Install an air chamber on the toilet shut off valve. Water Ramming is caused by air being drawn into the line and “bouncing” around inside the pipe.

A spring loaded air chamber will allow the bubble to dissipate before it causes this noise. Also check the toilets to make sure the valves are on all the way and there is nothing leaking or dripping in the bathroom as this is where the air is entering the line.

This problem of pipes that seem to be constantly in motion and making the oddest of noises is not that unusual of a problem.  The sound of water pipe hammering sometimes is described as that of a fog horn or rumbling noise.  Sometimes is sounds like a series of dull clicking noises.  It can be quite annoying but rest assured your home is not the only one suffering from this odd plumbing phenomenon.  You can count on the fact that water pressure and air pressure will always be present in a variable state within your plumbing system and as a result, some odd noises will occur. One thing you can do that is proactive to resolve this problem is go up into your attic and inspect your pipes that are not secure.  For those plumbing pipes that appear to be unsupported and loose, take the opportunity to provide them with greater support through th use of brackets or other means.  Also, if you have a severe case of water hammering, check around your home at all of the valve areas to see if they have been compromised and make repairs as necessary.

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