Whistling Shower Noise/High Pitched Noise


The house I just bought was winterized for at least 7 months.  I took a shower there when I moved in on 8/9/10…no noise.  However, I noticed a whining noise coming from the shower on 8/11/10.  What could be some possible causes for the whining noise?


There could be antifreeze gumming up the cartridge inside the valve, as well as the shower head.  Both would need to be removed and flushed out.  It seldom that a week goes by in my business where I do not here something about noises associated with plumbing.  A whistling noise in the shower area that has a high pitch sound is most likely traced back to the shower head. Sometimes what happens is the sediments with form over time and when not in use they will harden and if these sediments are located in all the right places it can sound like they are whistling away.  I think that your shower head can be salvaged and hear are a few ideas you can employ to try and rid your self of the high pitch noise that comes from your bathroom area.  Also, do not forget that another option if you do not care to bother with trying to get the shower head functioning without its noise is to go out and just buy another.  First up, I would try just running the water through the shower head for a while.  Try to turn the tap to hot and let it pour through.  This will dislodge most of the sediment build up and you may soon find yourself with a shower head this is no longer acting up.  Another approach you can take is to remove the shower head and break it down and soak it in warm hot soap water.  This will in time lossen up those little particles of sediment that is contributing to the whistling noises.  Now if its me, I am headed to the nearest hardware store because once you get these whistling noises in these older shower heads, they tend to rear their ugly head again.  So that is how I would proceed.  Take off the shower head that you currently have and take it down with you to your favorite hardware store and buy a shower head that is either compatible or similar to the one that you currently own.  And whatever you end up doing, remember that almost all noises you might hear in your bathroom area have a cause and it can be addressed without spending a great deal of money are bring in a plumber.  These everyday noises are also just part of the overall plumbing systems and so do not allow yourself to get overly focused on trying to rid your home of all the noises that come from your pipes and fixtures, such as shower heads.  Sometimes a little noise just gives your home a little character.


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