Protecting Underground PVC Waste Pipe


How can we protect the underground pvc soil waste pipes? If plain cement concrete encasing is must, what depth from the road level, should we encase the pipe lines?


PVC under roads should be at least 2 to 3 feet deep. Make sure the PVC pipe has a bed of crushed rock or coarse sand underneath it to maintain proper grade. Back fill with crushed rock or clean sand and gravel. This material should be installed from the bottom of the trench to the bottom of the pavement and should be compacted to 95% of proctor density.

I know a guy who built a cabin and as part of the overall development laid down some underground pvc waste pipe.  He got busy with digging the trenches and needed some help as he was of the old guard and insisted on doing all of the work by hand.  So being a friend, I got a call with an invitation to put muscle behind our friendship in the form of a weekend of putting in pvc pipe.  When I arrived he had a shovel waiting for me.  Of course I knew pretty much what I was getting into but did argue with him about utilizing the proper digging equipment to get the trench work completed.  Almost as hard was a pile of crush rock and gravel that he was using to create his grade.  It is amazing what two people can do with soft ground, two sturdy shovels, and a large wheel barrel.  We worked hours to get the project completed and I cannot say that I was enthused about the day but there was some joy and the honesty of a good hard day’s work along side a friend where we sweated together and related stories over the course of  the day.  So when you question regarding protecting underground PVC waste pipe, I could not help but think about that weekend out in the woods working with my friend.

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