Filling Up Water Main – Plumbing Question 17


How many gallons of water is required to fill 2500 feet of the 6 inch water main?


Lets calculate…
V=3.14x6x12=226.08 cubic inches x 2500 = 565200 cubic inches divided by 231 (which is how many cubic inches in 1 US Gal liquid) = 2446 gallons

Nifty number to work with, but let us take a look at the bigger picture which I refrained from discussing, but today I am going to get up on my plumbing soap box.  While people seldom calculate how much water they waste, it is not that unusual to come up with a reasonable estimate.  Think about how much water is lost due to over flushing the toilet.  Often when we think of water usage efficiency the discussion should also turn to sprinkler systems, older, inefficient dishwashers and washing machines and we might as well include one of the biggest culprits of inefficient water usage which is the propensity to take too long of showers or too many showers.

Based on my calculations, up to 8 to 12 gallons of water is lost due to poor water management within the home.  Not only does this impact the bottom line pocket book, but it can put a strain on our water systems, particularly when we experience regional droughts.

So if we can all pitch in and take a look at what each of us can do to better manager the water utilization within our homes, not only will you save yourself money, but you can help your community.  We are blessed in this country to have multiple water sources and most of the time, being able to access cheap and plentiful water is not an issue in our country.  A lot of this is due to geography.  North America happens to be blessed with multiple water sources and our citizens have done an excellent job over the years building out the infracture to harness these water sources.  This is not the case everywhere, for example in China, they are facing serious water shortages now and it is expected to get worse in the future.  While I certainly do not see us becoming like China in terms of inability to develop a reliable water system for its people, there are a multitude of reasons for you to do your part in conserving water when the opportunity presents itself each and everyday.

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