Common Plumbing Problems

Each of us on any given day may find ourselves at our wits end when we encounter even the most common home plumbing problems.  Whether the issue originates with toilet plumbing problems or the vicinity  around the kitchen sink, within the walls of our home as revealed by plumbing problems air in pipes, or under the sink, plumbing problems associated with the drain or water pressure issues, plumbing vent problems or high priority matters  in the shower such as no hot water… thing is clear….household plumbing problems and solutions are and will be a frequent visitor in your life.

Common Plumbing Problems In Our Home

Yes, the plumbing solutions are within reach.  You need not be a victim to common plumbing problems that rear their ugly head. Sometimes is just applying some good common sense.  Sometimes it involves doing a bit of research to help you with troubleshooting plumbing problems which is a critical first step in arriving at a solution.   Knowing when to apply a do it yourself….diy plumbing problem solution…is also part of the process.  Often, it is a judgement call.  Depending on your background and familiarity with the plumbing issue, you might very well be able to resolve the issue yourself by applying some handy dandy plumbing fixes.   Then again, sometimes it is also important to recognize when you are over your head and in such cases it is best to acknowledge your shortcomings and call in an expert either through an online consulting service or actual home visit.  Your time is valuable, so take that into account when you decide whether you wish to dig into trying to fix the plumbing problem yourself.  Basically, sometimes the least expensive route you can take is just simply reaching out to get plumbing help.

Toilet plumbing problems provide a good illustration of how you might approach some of these dastardly plumbing gremlins that seek to complicate your life.  If its in the toilet, you can fix it. There are a variety of DIY toilet kits you can purchase to help you rebuild in broken down or worn out parts.  Just follow the directions and take a good look at what you already have before you start removing anything.  Now if the plumbing issue is around the base of your toilet such as a seal is leaking, then these fixes can be a bit more challenging and in such situations you might wish to reach out for some professional help.  Websites such as our own are also good resources to help you with specific plumbing problems you may encounter.  Whatever your plumbing issue, do not get frustrated and throw in the towel too soon if you are trying to fix the problem yourself.  Remember, plumbing help is all around you and the solution can be as easy as a phone call or some due diligence.

Two Common Home Plumbing Problems – Solutions

Vibrating or banging pipes – caused by “air hammer” or “water ramming”.  This occurs when there are air bubbles bouncing around the water line, due to air being drawn into the line from a small leak.  Call a plumber to find the leak and fix it.

Air bubbles back-flowing in toilet and drains gurgling – main sewer line is plugged or near plugged.  You need to have a rooter service snake the main line.

Plumbing problems are less likely to occur in new homes for obvious reasons.  Here’s a checklist on how to maintain the value of your home.

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