No Hot Water In Bathroom Shutting off

Question: I have a problem with the hot water in my bathroom, it has started coming out cold and doesn’t heat up and then the water completely shuts off after a while, but the hot water in the kitchen is fine. Any ideas why this is happening?

Answer: Ah yes, the all too popular “no hot water in the bathroom” problem. Well, your question is not all that uncommon (which seems to be the beauty of plumbing, everyone has experienced some problems before).

So, just to make sure that I have interpreted your question correctly, your entire house is functioning perfectly but just this one bathroom doesn’t have any hot water?

There are a few extra questions I would like to ask you as well:

Is this a new house? How long have you tried running to water? Have you waited a long time to see if the hot water comes back on?

If you are having trouble with all the questions mentioned above then you might want to try some of these things:

It could just be that mineral deposits or some other type of blockage is causing the water flow problems. It might be a smart idea to get someone to look at the pipes and decide on whether or not they should be replaced. Basically, the mineral blockage prevents the hot water pipe from flowing correctly so you get little or no hot water at all.

Also, while you are running down the possible causes of the lack of hot water in your bathroom, you should add to your troubleshooting list the hot water heater. Sometimes when you have an intermittent problem with hot water coming and going in a sequence that is unusual as you have described it could be due to the hot water heater not functioning properly.  Most hot water tanks are located up in the attic, so go take a look and see if there is any visible sign of water leakage.  Check to make sure your pilot light is on if your hot water heater is running on natural gas.  You can also place you hand on the hot water outtake pipe to ascertain if the water leaving the tank is indeed warm to the touch.

Hope that helps!

2 Responses to No Hot Water In Bathroom Shutting off
  1. Sylvan Tieger
    April 5, 2012 | 9:50 am

    May times a bib type (compression) faucet has a rubber washer that disintegrates or swells up this will stop the flow normally on hot water as the rubber expands

  2. Kristina
    April 14, 2012 | 8:50 am

    Please… what a lame answer. Uh, no help whatsoever.

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