Intermittent Hot and Cold Water in Bathroom

I have a new construction house with 4 showers.  Each of the showers/tubs has Delta fixtures and finish.

The problem I’m having is that in one of the showers the water temperature ranges from cold to lukewarm… cold when you first turn the faucet on (which is what it should be) to lukewarm when you turn the faucet all the way counter-clockwise (the hot position).  Another shower faucet has water temperature that ranges from hot(when in the cold position) to really hot when in the hot position.  You CAN’T get cold water in that shower.  The other shower/bath faucet is just right.  When the faucet is in the cold position, you get cold water… when in the hot position you get really hot water… it works perfectly.  Is there some way of adjusting the water temperature for each shower faucet?  If not, why the wide variance in water temperature between the two tubs that are not working properly.

Our house is a ranch over a basement.  All shower/tubs are on the main floor.  It doesn’t matter how long you let the water run… the temperature never gets over lukewarm in the one shower.  The other shower… maybe 10 feet away works perfectly.


Yes, I agree, this is indeed an odd and somewhat unusual problem that does not crop up often.  In trouble shooting these kind of problems and to ascertain correctly the cause and effect relationships, it is appropriate to start at the beginning of the plumbing cause and effect chain.  In this case, the lack of consistent hot water to one of your bathrooms is not due to the performance of the hot water heater as you have made it abundantly clear that the hot water is functioning properly.  Nor do I believe it is due to your hot water heater regulator.  Rather due to the intermittent temperature results you are getting with different fixtures within the home, it would appear the problem is related to the water distribution in your pipes and valve system.  Within your home, you have a networks of pipes and valves working in concert with your individual fixtures.  Given the complexity of the problem you have described, it would be advisable to call upon a qualified plumber to identify specifically the cause(s) and provide remedy.  I could advise you replace the faucet cartridges and etc, but I would be advising from a disadvantages positions.  What you have described needs eyes on it in order to properly ascertain the correct action

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