How To Prevent Toilet Overflow

It is not an uncommon plumbing problem…the toilet overflowing. When it happens, it always seems at the wrong time.  If you can catch it quick to prevent the toilet spilling over, then you are going to feel very relieved.  But if you are one of the unfortunate souls that flush and walk away, only to later discover the toilet bowl has filled up and over the brim, then get out the mop and bucket because you got some cleaning up to do.

It is no fun when the toilet overflows.  What is it one can do to overcome the most annoying plumbing problem that plagues many a household?  Part of the solution starts with prevention.  There are just some things that we need to be on the look out for when it comes to what we can flush down the toilet.  If you keep it to just toilet paper, then you are fine.  But don’t think that if you got away with flushing other items, that it won’t catch up with you.  It usually does and at the most inconvient time and unpleasant way.  So those are the toilet green fees if you will.  Flush often and tissue paper should be the only thing you use.  Let us examine some other things that we can proactively do and also be on the look out for.  Trust that it will save you a lot of time and trouble.  So here we go.  Our nifty list of keeping yourself from harms way…our toilet overflow Do’s List.

1. Do keep a plunger near by.  Toilets can be finicky and sometimes it is just a function of low water levels or a bit too much toilet paper or a combination of the two, resulting in a overflow or near toilet overflow situation.  If you have your trusty plunger nearby, you can jump into action and stop the catostraphic toilet overflow scenario from every occuring!   More often than not, you can prevent the toilet from over filling and reverse the action of the water.

2.  There is also the bucket method that is employed for overflowing toilets.  Essentially, you take a bucket fill it with water and start pouring it into the overfilled toilet.  This creates a suction and promotes water movement through the drain pipe.

3.  I like the good ole reliable plumbing toilet snake.  It is also called an auger.  If you get one of these, you will be able to more aggresively attack the source of the clog and clear out the clogged area for water to flow.  Just run the snake down thru the toilet and wiggle it around.  In time you will strike pay dirt and clear out the blockage.

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