Flushing Toilet Causes Thumping Noise and Shower Humming Noise

So every time i flush a toilet (at least on the ground level) there is this thumping sound coming from underneath the dining room floor until the toilet bowl has refilled itself….almost as though there might be a blockage as the water is flowing out towards the sewer, maybe? The dining room is at the front of the house, the two ground floor toilets are mid way and all the way at the back of the house. It’s very odd.  The same noise happens in the laundry room when I’m running bath water. (also middle of ground floor)  What could this mean?

Also, when we turn on our shower there is a consistent high tone humming noise coming from the shower head. We have taken the shower heads off and cleaned them but there has been no change. The only time we can get the noise to go away is turn handle down to reduce the water pressure. Your thoughts?


Being that we spend so much of our time in the bathroom of our homes using the toilet, washing our face and hands in the bathroom sink basin, and of course taking showers or baths…it is no wonder that things can go wrong due to usage and along those same lines, we notice things more often.  Even without acute hearing, all of us can hear the various noises that come from our toilets and the thumping noise you are hearing is most likely water under some degree of pressure passing through a blockage in the drain pipe.  Now sometimes you will hear what I describe as the swirl thumping noise immediately after the toilet is flushed.  As the water circulates and spirals down, it will create a pressure suction and the echo of this noise coming off the drainage pipe is not unusual.  Water when under pressure and moving through your water lines will come into contact with air and all of the physics of these forces will result in some odd noises, but that does not necessarily mean that you have blocked or obstructed pipe or drain. Check to make sure you have adequate drainage and water pressure throughout your home where you hear these noises and if all things appear to be correct, then you should not worry much about it.  Now if you are still bothered by these odd noises coming from the plumbing of your bathroom, then try change the pressure and air differentials by turning off the water at the main, usually located on the side of your home.  Open up some of your faucets to let the remaining water and air pressure escape.  Then turn on the water again and check to see if the thumping noise has ceased.

Now with regard to your shower head, it is also likely that this humming noise you are hearing is nothing to get very concerned about.  Depending on the pressure and flow of water through your shower head and the setting you have established for the shower head, a higher pitched or humming noise is not unusual.  If you are bothered by the noise, you can remove the shower head and re-install to see if that changes the musical tones it is playing.  Shower heads will always have some level of humming melody.  You can also purchase another showerhead and have it installed or do it yourself and that will likely address the problem as well.

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  1. vivian Loira
    January 28, 2014 | 7:45 am

    Unclog toilets

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