The Best Kitchen Faucets For Under $100


Everyone’s struggling with the economy these days and it’s especially true for homeowners. So when the time comes to change something in the house, it becomes a particularly tough task especially when they have to weigh certain issues such as quality and price. Then again, there are also homeowners who are just not knowledgeable on plumbing stuff and that is very understandable because not everybody’s a plumber.

Kitchen faucets are one of the more popular things that homeowners change first when they want their kitchen to have a more modern feel. Most of these kitchen faucets can cost a lot but of course, there are ones that are reasonably priced. Question is, will it last? Well this article will cover the best kitchen faucets that are under $100 that possess great quality and are sure to jazz up your kitchen. These faucets do not come from from your average fly-by-night companies. In fact, these faucets come from some of the world’s best.

Normally, when you browse websites, the first ones you see are the most expensive ones that a company offers. Don’t be shocked, instead, just dig deeper into the site and you’ll be surprised to see cheaper ones. You may have encountered trying to go through different series or categories just to find the one you want. Yes, it can get you worked up. Thankfully, we have done just that. We have done the work for you and have come out with two of the best kitchen faucets you can afford.

Delta Classic Two Handle Kitchen Faucet

With over 100 years of experience, you know that Delta represents quality. Their line of faucets are very impressive and will usually last very long. Although a majority of their faucets are priced around $200 and above, they also have cheaper ones that work just as great.

The Delta Classic Two Handle Kitchen Faucet, Model 2100, is one of those low-priced high-quality kitchen faucets. It looks very classic and will blend well in the kitchen. It has a 3-hole installation and a flow rate of 8.30lpm. It is also design to keep in touch with the times in terms of technology. It is also made of solid brass with a chrome finish to complete the look. As far as installation goes, this one is a breeze.

Price Pfister 538 Genesis Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

Price Pfister also belongs to the elite class of faucet manufacturers. They have a wide range of nice faucets as well as faucets with innovative designs. But just like the rest, they also place their best and most expensive models at the front page so you end up having a hard time looking for one that you can afford.

The smart choice though is the Price Pfister 538 Genesis Pull Out Kitchen Faucet. Made from solid brass, this faucet comes with a deck plate complete with tie downs for easy installation. It comes with a stainless steel ball valve construction and a stainless steel pull out hose.

It has a classic yet sleek design that can really be a sight for sore eyes. And because it is designed with a ceramic disc valve, it is easier for you to turn on and off even with just the back of your hand.

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  2. faucets
    November 19, 2009 | 11:15 am

    Great advise on faucets, I’ve found on online faucet retailer that I really like called FaucetDirect. Good prices, good customer service. They supply Delta Faucets and many other faucet manufactures.

  3. Kitchen Faucets Review
    July 14, 2011 | 2:15 am

    Some of the technology incorporated into kitchen faucets is great. From the touch technology to motion sensor. There is a whole array of features to choose from. People still have the idea that faucets are the old style turn handles, there are so much more varieties to select. Delta and Kohler are the top of the range in faucet design.

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