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Our website, Plumbing Q & A, was developed to provide you with information that can help you with many of the common plumbing questions and problems you may encounter, including a variety of plumbing repair tips.  Chances are that if you are experiencing a plumbing snafu or the basics of plumbing escapes your grasp at the moment, then you stand a good chance at finding an answer (or relevent information) and gaining some assistance with your plumbing questions. We also encourage you to participate in our TELL US YOUR PLUMBING STORY Program. It has been our experience that the actual plumbing problems faced by our readers and some of the creative solutions employed, have been invaluable to our audience.   If you wish to have your plumbing story published and help someone with lessons learned, please take the time to FULLY DESCRIBE the plumbing issue and your solution (or attempt to solve) and feel free to provide lots of details.  Do not be shy!  Feel free to give us every colorful angle.  Whatever editing we will undertake will be to ensure appropriate spelling and compliance with family-safe content.

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Home Plumbing Basics – Practical Plumbing Tips and Tricks for Homeowners

Each of us during some time in our busy lives, discover that within our home or possibly somewhere outside of our house, there exist plumbing problems. It could be low water pressure in our house or god forbid a no water pressure plumbing problem. Possibly the problem could be related to ground contraction or freeze, resulting in your incoming water line bursting. At some point we all need help with our plumbing problems…preferably free plumbing help. Even a low cost online plumbing help service can be a savior in a pinch. The plumbing questions and inquires that we hear about run the gambit from how toilets work (or rather not work), what causes low water pressure, the creaking or barking noises that come from the plumbing pipes within the walls of our homes, the uses of a plumber’s snake, how to choose from the myriad of local plumbing services and companies, do it yourself plumbing repairs, how to select a plumbing contractor, who to contact in case of an emergency plumbing problem, and of course the plethora of kitchen, bathroom, and utility room plumbing aggravations and headaches

Getting Plumbing Help – The Plumbing Forum

While we do tap into plumbing experts to help answer many of the questions that come from our visitors, our community of visitors….everyday folks with varying degrees of plumbing expertise will also often weigh in, seeking to help others with plumbing problems they themselves have already faced and fixed. So you may also wish to explore what other individuals have to say when they share the types of plumbing problems they are encountering.  We have a pretty smart bunch of visitors frequenting our website, and along with staff, both weigh in to try to answer some of the common plumbing questions many people face. So please feel free to comment on any plumbing problem you feel qualified to answer. Those comments will be reviewed and if approved, posted below the original question. Occasionally we will get that very unique plumbing problem that requires a special expertise or immediate attention. In such situations you should consider consulting with a local plumber or utilizing a quality plumbing help online service.

Helpful Plumbing Articles and Resources

Elsewhere on our website you will find a variety of plumbing articles touching upon a variety of categories. So if you are looking to gain a better understanding of plumbing terms, explore 24 hour plumbing resources, investigate plumbing supply options, examine the plumbing companies and contractors, research common plumbing repairs associated with bathtubs, drains, faucets, sceptic tank, sinks, toilets, and even seek out information about plumbing schools and the availability of plumbing training courses…..then by all means be sure to explore our library of posts and DIY plumbing related articles.

Kitchen Plumbing – The Whole Plumbing Kitchen Sink

We would be remiss if we did not mention one of the most common areas of our homes that suffer from the plumbing problem gremlins. Now we are not going to provide a confusing kitchen sink plumbing diagram to show you all of the things in and around the sink area that can go astray, but you probably from personal plumbing problem experiences, already have a really good idea what we are talking about here. When it comes to troubleshooting various plumbing and kitchen sink problems we have quite a few candidates worthy of honorable mention. It just seems that this area of the home is prone to problems which is largely due to the fact that its gets the most usage. One common plumbing snafu is the kitchen sink drain plumbing problem. Sometimes it is related to your basic clogged drain pipe or in other cases, it is the garbage disposal that needs attending. Common kitchen repair skills is a handy thing to have. Certainly, becoming acquainted with some of the material and resources made available on this site is a step in the right direction. But if the project is larger such as how to install kitchen sink plumbing as opposed to more laymen’s fixes such as repairing kitchen sink fixtures, then you may want to do some serious reading and planning. Sometimes it is a function of asking a friend whose competencies in the plumbing arena are greater than your own to help you. So before you drag yourself up under the kitchen sink to start banging out a solution, be sure you take a deep breath, stop and think through the problem and either in your mind or on paper, create a diagram of the kitchen sink plumbing fix you are about to undertake. Your patience and good common sense will be rewarded.

Water Faucet Pressure Hampering Basic Needs

One day the pressure in certain lines went low. Cleaned out the particles from the bathroom shower heads and things worked good. I replace the kitche faucet unit 5 months ago. pressure was still low there, but I know the coils havae to be done, to bring things back in working order throughout the house….

Installing New Bathroom Under Mount Sinks

I have a new bathroom with undermount sinks and a wall hung cabinet. I had purchased pop up drains (non ball type–just push the drain “plug” to seal/unseal). There is not enough room under the counter to accomodate the drain tail piece without removal of the first cabinet drawer. My plumber suggested getting an offset…

Old Plumbing Pipes Rattling and Basement Sink Problematic

I live in a 2 story house that is about fifteen years old and have plumbing pipes occasionally rattling at night. It has two bathrooms downstairs and one bathroom upstairs. When the rattling starts I flush one of the downstairs toilet and the rattling stops. It was suggested to me by a co-worker that either one…

Flushing Toilet Causes Thumping Noise and Shower Humming Noise

So every time i flush a toilet (at least on the ground level) there is this thumping sound coming from underneath the dining room floor until the toilet bowl has refilled itself….almost as though there might be a blockage as the water is flowing out towards the sewer, maybe? The dining room is at the…

Drain Pipes Under Slab Replaced and Walk in Shower Project

The cast iron drain pipes are being replaced under the slab of my 41 year old house.  The plumber had to drill through the wall to get to the kitchen pipes as they were crumbling beneath the slab.  The pipes under the home have been replaced with PVC and I was told I can use…